RRENOVA was created on December 18, 2020, starting operations on February 14, 2021. We are a legal, solid, responsible and committed company with our objectives, with our team and our community. We constantly work to generate credibility and a sense of belonging towards a noble and fair company, with firm values ​​and with a very clear goal for everyone.


RRENOVA is an international company with a broad and interesting business project, which perfectly combines a digital business model with its participation in the most powerful markets in the world, through the offer of products and services, guided by a professional corporate of extensive experience and track record.


We are all RRENOVA

The testimonies of RRENOVA members make us stronger and stronger.


From the foundations of the company, we have given ourselves the task of looking for alternatives, with which our partners grow in their economic, social, spiritual and professional profiles. Reaching results with a stable business model, with great future projections.


RRENOVA is gradually becoming a company with global growth characteristics in advanced electronic, technological and social commerce schemes that can generate residual millionaires for its members in the medium and long term.

Our values

Values ​​well marked and respected by all

Our ethical, moral and professional principles on which we base all activities within the company.

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Transparency, sincerity and frankness are non-negotiable values ​​for RRENOVA. We want and demand that they be in continuous practice.

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Our products must comply with the established and promised parameters, which can only be close to perfection.

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We are respectful of the times of each member of our company, and we demand that reciprocity from everyone.

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At RRENOVA we enjoy what we do, that is the engine that moves us every day, and drives us to be better.

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We demand of our members the best of themselves, having a clear goal that can only be achieved by being at the top.

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In our corporate environments we encourage tolerance, respect, admiration and consideration.

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Customer orientation

At RRENOVA we strive to rethink the value proposition to adapt it to the needs of our members.

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Social responsability

We carry out collective actions to ensure that various resources reach the hands of those most in need.

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Problem resolution

Our employees and managers always encourage solution-oriented thinking.